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Modern Venus

Anni Arro as Modern Venus by Anrike Piel & Liisa-Chrislin Saleh

I kindly ask you to take a moment and sympathize with the women that have been fleeing war on terror in the last years. ⁣

Children’s wellbeing as a priority, they cross the sea by small rubber boats. ⁣
1st attempt, 2nd attempt, 3rd attempt, the faulty dinghy begins drowning again. ⁣
Praying for the rescue teams to arrive quick. ⁣

Thousands of dollars spent on smugglers. ⁣
Now telling the children they’re camping because how else can a mother explain to a child that they are sleeping rough on the streets because society doesn’t see their lives worthy enough.⁣

It is 2019. In this day people still have to cross countries on foot and rubber boats, carrying their belongings over their shoulder.

Women are raising their children in dangerous, inhumane conditions in camps, streets, slums. They did not choose this. That is the ONLY option our governments give. It is 2019. ⁣

There are the ‘lucky’ ones that have received asylum in safe countries but that does not mean the hardships are over.

Sorrow from the past does not magically disappear, but they put all the energy into learning new languages, getting accustomed to new environments and trying their fucking hardest to make sure their children are well.

And the children are so well now that they are safe!

I just wish the children in the camps, slums and streets could feel the same. ⁣

But they can’t. ⁣

Because we have allowed far-right loudmouths shape policies here in the EU.. The silence of the majority of the society has made these neo-nazis heard. This in on us.

And like it’s not hard enough - in places like Estonia, the refugees are tolerating racial and religious discrimination daily. Tolerating because someones ignorant opinion is just that..I’m sidetracked. ⁣Btw there’s about 161 refugees in Estonia and the people have gone mad.

Anyway, I leave you with this - ⁣

it is not the movement of the clock that creates change in the world, it is the movement of the mind!

Anrike Piel

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