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''Perhaps if people would understand that when you have freedom, 

it also means taking responsibility but freedom is used while no one wants to take responsibility.’’ 

- Maret Piel

MOCK TRAILER This much I know is True

Wars are not things of history or far off places. Europe has shut its doors to the sounds of suffering elsewhere yet not too long ago were Europeans the ones needing to be heard by the world. 

This much I know is True is a documentary film that brings together a small group of women in Estonia - locales, refugees, and migrants - who discover to have a lot more in common than the country they all call home today. 

Women from Estonia, Syria, and Nigeria bond in a safe place at a cottage among nature, where they share their personal experiences of war, migration, and integration. 

It takes a close look into the everyday lives of the foreigners who are rebuilding their lives in this little country that is still healing from its long history of oppression. It provides a challenge to the political rhetoric that seeks to divide people, create fear and provoke discrimination, by giving a voice to women who are often left out of the conversations, yet are the ones who have raised us or are raising our next generations. 

These are stories about fear and loss, struggle and hope, and the profound resilience of the human spirit. The film allows the viewer to witness these moments of compassion and solidarity while also critically examining the harmful myths around difference and migration.

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Estonian  multidisciplinary artist,  addresses migration, inequality, and war, confronting the human experience while embracing resilience and femininity.

Anrike is the founder of Peace in Exile , a program  offering psychosocial support for female refugees by activating them and teaching self-empowerment through creative expression. 

Anrike is a practitioner at The Center for Syrian Studies and social justice activist based in London, UK. 

Karolina Lahti 


Finnish filmmaker passionate about sustainable development of the planet. She has worked on documentaries, TV productions amongst other things. 

Karolina is the founder of YASH, an art based sexuality education program for the most vulnerable adolescents in our planet designed with cultural sensitivity to fit in every community’s individual needs. The program has been facilitated in Ghana and offered to local institutions. 

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