Anrike Piel is a multidisciplinary artist, dedicated activist, and an unwavering advocate for social justice and refugee rights. Her approach to art is informed by her personal experiences, which have taken her on a journey from fashion photography in some of the world's most vibrant cities, to working in refugee camps in Greece and Lebanon.

Born in Estonia in the aftermath of the Soviet Union's collapse, Anrike Piel's childhood was marked by the transition to independence and the challenges that came with it. Her art is deeply rooted in her journey exploring themes of identity, belonging, and social inequality.

Anrike is also a founder and facilitator of the Peace In Exile project, which empowers refugee women and girls through art and creativity. The project facilitates art workshops in refugee camps, providing a safe and supportive space for women to express themselves, and experience a sense of normality, away from reality.

She’s completing her debut documentary film This Much I Know is True, which aims to challenge anti-refugee sentiment in Europe by reducing ignorance, an essential component of hatred and prejudice.

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