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i cut my hair

Mother Earth, 2019, oil on paper 64x90cm // 

When I woke up on the 1st of January, I started cutting my hair. The result looked shit but the process felt natural.

Early 2017 I was born again to a whole new world. I started facilitating  Peace In Exile workshops for women in refugee camps, found my obsession to create art that tackles social and political issues and realized I don’t have to limit myself with solely photography. In the process I did lose all my clients, many friends and learnt how bad depression could get. 

Consciously training myself to remain analytical at panel discussions over warcrimes and witnessing injustice causing extreme suffering, my gentle heart bleeds as the tears fall from my eyes constantly. The pain that people cause people hurts my soul. 

Some months ago I came back home to my grandma’s to rest for a moment. That moment turned into two months of isolating myself from everything and everyone, healing myself through painting self portraits and creating private exhibitions in my bedroom for my grandma. That lead to many realizations, learning the thing that is forgiveness and ultimately won myself back. 

So I cut my hair. 

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