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Lana Ahmed x Unveiled Heart - Gabrielle Chloe ft. Duncan Mortimer

2019, Estonia

''All of us, women refugees, have hidden fears and unresolved situations - escaping from our homes to survive and save our lives, we face a lot of hardships on the way. 

I found art to be a good way to express myself. I felt safe, like I can do whatever I want. 

It's just a project, just a game, so I went deep into my dreams and emotions to make my fantasy become reality. It shows me how beautiful and creative I can be.'' 

Spending years creating storytelling fashion imagery, Anrike Piel used her expertise on developing a program for young female refugees, that offers psychosocial support by activating them and teaching self-empowerment through creative expression.

Throughout the workshops, the young women are taught the basics associated to creating storytelling images and videos - from learning about unique artists, establishing own concepts, creating vision boards, renewing second-hand clothing, practicing makeup, to final execution - either starring in their own idea or acting as stylists or makeup artists.

Currently in production: Peace in Exile the book. Young women refugees articulating their personal experiences from the beginning of the first bombing to the journey of finding smugglers to help them cross mountains and seas to find safety. Against all odds, the stories radiant of hope and faith in a better future. Creative photographs portray the resilience of survivors, redefining the word ‘refugee’.



Lasting Expressions a short documentary by Carmen Kremm 

Tallinn, Estonia


Ritsona refugee camp, Greece 


''In the village of Ritsona, 50 miles north of Athens, razor wire dissects vineyards on a hillside. Inside the perimeter, crumbling concrete buildings and open fields, long abandoned by the Greek military, are now home to 1000 refugees.

Ritsona is one of dozens of camps administered by the Greek government and aid agencies throughout the country. Refugees and migrants used to spend just a few days in the camps before traveling elsewhere in Europe, but in March 2016, the European Union put an end to that. All those who arrive in Greece are now indefinitely contained or sent back to Turkey.

Conditions in the camps are unpleasant at best. Families are packed into tiny rooms; only a fraction of the children are being admitted into government schools, where classes are conducted exclusively in Greek; and the eagerness of volunteers to help is waning.'' - Ashley Gilbertson

Shatila camp, Lebanon


The heaving refugee camp called Shatila was originally built for 3,000 Palestinian’s in 1949, but is currently home for about 40,000 refugees, with more trickling in every day. 

Electricity is intermittent at best, the salty water that runs through the pipes is not useable, parents struggle, having a lack of work, or if lucky enough to have work, only earn the lowest of wages. Parents are forced to send their children to work instead of to school, to play and laugh with friends. These children are in risk of becoming a ‘lost generation’.

The high number of refugee children out of school is an immediate crisis. Education is a fundamental right and crucial to protecting children in situations of displacement, which can last an entire childhood. It is in the interest of all of us to avoid a situation in which a whole generation of children are denied an education and left less able to coexist with the world.

The program has been facilitated in Ritsona refugee camp with Lighthouse Relief, in the slums of Shatila with SB Overseas, and in  Estonia with Estonian Refugee Council.

Designers who generously donated their pieces to the program held in Lebanon 2017

  113 MaisonAldo Järvsoo, Bruno Grebert, Colmillo de Morsa, Elvana, Erle Nemvalts, FankadelikFebruary FirstIsa Arfen, Jane Kivistik, Karmen Mänd, Katrin Aasmaa, Ketlin Bachmann, Krete Beljalev, Kätrin BeljalevLiisa SooleppLilli Jahilo, Rachel LovelockRiina PõldroosTanel VeenreKatrin Aasmaa, Mariliis Niine, Natalia RiveraSita Murt, Social Fashion Monsters, Taavi Turk, Meik by Arinda

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