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Day 5. Long day. Good day. Been concentrated more on how to teach and what to teach. Starting with my project tomorrow. Everyday trying to come up with new ideas to potentially benefit the refugee families. SB Overseas is doing such an amazing job. Everyone I’m working with is so kind and great.. what else to expect from such selfless people. 

I feel happy with what I’m doing, though once I get home when so exhausted i do feel a need for a hug.

Day 7. 1 week of being in Lebanon. We had a day off today as it’s a holiday. Spent the day discovering Beirut which is gorgeous. It’s crazy seeing all this wealth here, people wearing full Chanel etc while next to them is such poverty. 

Had dinner at our presidents house which was very nice. Got to bond more with some of the people who work in the organization. One of a kind humans. They have signed up for not having a day off or any rest whatsoever to improve the lives of others. They work relentlessly.  I get it. Once you really get to know the people and see the conditions, nothing else can be remotely as important and fulfilling than bettering the lives of the people who have lost all. I admire the people working for SB Overseas wholeheartedly. Also the organization is only taking 7% of the investments/donations for management costs while other NGO’s take about 60%-80%. Can easily imagine that after my two months here, spending a month in Barcelona and maybe some time in Estonia, enjoying all the warm showers, electricity and never ending internet, i could come back here. 

Day 8 

Had first aid course today. Did you know in Syria they put coffee on bloody wounds.. don’t do that! :D 
Stories I heard last night of the camps, the families, the struggles, the abuse, the terror, keep haunting me, filling me with sorrow and anger. It has made me ill. I try to accept what is right now and each time it comes in my mind, I think of my own upbringing to have more hopeful thoughts that in 30 years there will be biographies of these famous/successful/happy people who were refugee kids from Syria when growing up. Though the conditions were different for me when growing up, I still do see myself in many of the . They are shy, quiet yet looking into their eyes is like reading a book. They might not know yet but through all the hardships, they’ve gained so many powers. I hope I’ll be able to give them at least a glimpse of it. 

I bought a ton of materials for my project today. Can’t wait to see what comes out of it. 

I am working hard to put every skill I have into use, each limb,finger, toe. I wish you would see what I see, feel what I feel, so you would do your best to help the ones who have lost all to get back on their feet. I wish you would  appreciate the luxuries you have and be grateful and humbled. I wish you would love without judgement, expectations. I wish that fear wouldn’t overcome kindness. I don’t know how I can step back to your world.. I mean you gotta lure me in with my grandmas food. Ohh my grandmas food.. I miss my family.

Please, please, please I am thankful for any donation no matter the size of the amount. My respect and love for each one of you who has donated. I know who you are! 

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