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i cut my hair

Mother Earth, 2019, oil on paper 64x90cm // 

When I woke up on the 1st of January, I started cutting my hair. The result looked shit but the process felt natural.

Early 2017 I was born again to a whole new world. I started facilitating  Peace In Exile workshops for women in refugee camps, found my obsession to create art that tackles social and political issues and realized I don’t have to limit myself with solely photography. In the process I did lose all my clients, many friends and learnt how bad depression could get. 

Consciously training myself to remain analytical at panel discussions over warcrimes and witnessing injustice causing extreme suffering, my gentle heart bleeds as the tears fall from my eyes constantly. The pain that people cause people hurts my soul. 

Some months ago I came back home to my grandma’s to rest for a moment. That moment turned into two months of isolating myself from everything and everyone, healing myself through painting self portraits and creating private exhibitions in my bedroom for my grandma. That lead to many realizations, learning the thing that is forgiveness and ultimately won myself back. 

So I cut my hair. 

Modern Venus

Anni Arro as Modern Venus by Anrike Piel & Liisa-Chrislin Saleh

I kindly ask you to take a moment and sympathize with the women that have been fleeing war on terror in the last years. ⁣

Children’s wellbeing as a priority, they cross the sea by small rubber boats. ⁣
1st attempt, 2nd attempt, 3rd attempt, the faulty dinghy begins drowning again. ⁣
Praying for the rescue teams to arrive quick. ⁣

Thousands of dollars spent on smugglers. ⁣
Now telling the children they’re camping because how else can a mother explain to a child that they are sleeping rough on the streets because society doesn’t see their lives worthy enough.⁣

It is 2019. In this day people still have to cross countries on foot and rubber boats, carrying their belongings over their shoulder.

Women are raising their children in dangerous, inhumane conditions in camps, streets, slums. They did not choose this. That is the ONLY option our governments give. It is 2019. ⁣

There are the ‘lucky’ ones that have received asylum in safe countries but that does not mean the hardships are over.

Sorrow from the past does not magically disappear, but they put all the energy into learning new languages, getting accustomed to new environments and trying their fucking hardest to make sure their children are well.

And the children are so well now that they are safe!

I just wish the children in the camps, slums and streets could feel the same. ⁣

But they can’t. ⁣

Because we have allowed far-right loudmouths shape policies here in the EU.. The silence of the majority of the society has made these neo-nazis heard. This in on us.

And like it’s not hard enough - in places like Estonia, the refugees are tolerating racial and religious discrimination daily. Tolerating because someones ignorant opinion is just that..I’m sidetracked. ⁣Btw there’s about 161 refugees in Estonia and the people have gone mad.

Anyway, I leave you with this - ⁣

it is not the movement of the clock that creates change in the world, it is the movement of the mind!

Anrike Piel

A letter to my friends

Dear friend,

I know I have been posting all these war related articles on my social media accounts. I know I so often ruin most of our social gatherings by eventually bringing up all the shit that’s happening. I see your faces, I hear your silence and I notice the lack of engagement online, I’m well aware these topics are just heavy as fuck and you have your own lives to focus on, you have your own priorities.. I get that..

Dear friend, I understand us people, we care for what and who we know. I want you to understand that the reason I keep posting this shit, why I keep talking about it every chance I get, why I choose to learn and understand the depths of this chaos, why I don’t care for the things I used to care for is because I have been making these incredible, magical friendships with Syrians since Lebanon. Friends like Fedaa - A fierce, talented, mystical Warrior of a Woman with a heart that carries the universe. Friends like Abdullah - one of the most honorable men I’ve known, one of the few men throughout my lifetime that I can truly put on a pedestal. Each one of these friends I’ve made have shown me what means generosity and selflessness. And my students, the teenage girls - looking in their eyes I felt like little me is looking in the mirror. I knew how to read what their eyes are saying. It is overwhelming how much i love and miss them. 

My dear friend, you, who knows me, knows I care  a fuck lot for the people in my life, you know that even if I’m not always in the same country with you, I have  always been just a phone call away when you need me. The same way I have stood up for you, I have to stand up for my friends who are from Syria.

Each time a bomb is  dropped in a city in Syria, I always know someone who had their home there. Each time I pray to all the gods out there that their families and friends would be safe, hoping they had fled beforehand, and then I cry myself to sleep with a heart that’s broken into a million pieces because of the pain I can only imagine my friends must feel.

Please understand,  my friends from Syria already work so hard to help themselves and people around them in this incredible injustice and suffering they must face. So when I’m sharing all these horrible articles and videos it is a desperate attempt to get your attention cause I need you! My friends need you! 

I’m not asking for your pity, they for sure don’t want your pity. We want you to see them as fellow humans though.. 

I’m asking you to get fucking furious, enraged, fuming that the goddamn leaders of our world are making my friends and their loved ones endure such agonizing pain. That the leaders of our world are not bringing these individuals to justice! 

Just imagine for a moment that it’s your country, these are your people.. (cause they are.. Aren’t we one?)

Dear friend, if I’ve ever been there for you in any point of your life, please take my cry for help seriously and show me you care for me too by just doing as little as sharing some of this beautiful artwork i’ve looked up for you on your social media to raise a conversation, show solidarity to my friends, with the following hashtags -

#Act4Daraa #AssadWarCrimes #RussiaWarCrimes #OpenTheBorders

And if you’re even a better friend, you’ll urge your circle to do the same.

In violation of an internationally-sanctioned de-escalation zone, the Assad regime and its Russian patron last week launched a territorial and aerial assault campaign to conquer Daraa in south-west 

• Right now 320,000 civilians fleeing Southern Syria - 

• Jordan has blocked the boarders and people have nowhere to go to - no shelter, no supplies, medicine, or basic needs for survival in scorching heat and lack of water supply and baby milk. Countless elderly and children are displaced in devastating conditions. No organization except more influential bodies such as UNHCR are able to reach the internally displaced civilians of Daraa.

• 8 hospitals have been bombed in #Daraa by Assad and Russia (Medical deprivation tactic has been used time and again in every area Assad & Russian annihilate and destroy).

Artwork by Fedaa Alwaer - image link

Artwork by Fedaa Alwaer - image link

Artwork by Wissam Al Jazairy - image link

Artwork by Wissam Al Jazairy - image link

Artwork by Tammam Azzam - image link

Arwork by Tammam Azzam - image link

I will take the outcome of this post personally, cause it is personal! 

Thank you! 

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