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Anrike Piel is a photographer, a filmmaker and above all a humanist.

Since a young age, Anrike has been discovering different sides of the world, getting to know all walks of life. Her curious, buoyant andthriving character  lead her to a career in photography, which  in the recent years has taken her towards directingmusic videos and creating short films.

Early 2017, she stopped looking through the lens for long enough to gain a new perspective that forever altered her life’s and artisticmission. She got actively involved with the refugee crisis and began advocating for human rights. Since then, her work has gained recognition for her activism focused visual arts, which challenges the issues regarding humanity from different angles, combining beauty with reality.

When she is not shooting fashion, Anrike volunteers in some of the most vulnerable refugee communities to empower females by teachingcreative expression. Additionally, she is part of photography and videography team at a social enterprise You Press that works on empowering young people from BAME backgrounds to find their voice and be heard.

Everything Anrike does, she does it with a heart full of love, with the aim to bring positive change and stand up for humanity. 

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