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Anrike Piel is a London based photographer, filmmaker and an educator advocating for social justice.

Since a young age, Anrike has been discovering different sides of the world, getting to know all walks of life. Her curious, buoyant and thriving character has  lead her to a career in photography and directing.

Early 2017, she stopped looking through the lens for long enough to gain a new perspective that forever altered her life’s and artistic mission. She got actively involved with the refugee crisis and began advocating for human rights. Since, Anrike has lead workshops that aim to empower and activate women residing in refugee camps, doing so through fashion, beauty and storytelling photography. Ultimately these projects have created a safe place for women to celebrate their femininity, enjoy themselves, feel a sense of normality while learning new skills and feeling empowered. 

Today, Anrike splits her time facilitating workshops for women in the camps and working on creative projects with artists who strive towards the greater good, having a positive social impact in their artwork. 

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