Anrike Piel is a London based visual artist focusing on fashion & people photography and film making. Fluent in the languages of dreams, passion and poetry, she tells stories of the innocent wanderers, those dark days and the ones of the starved souls.

At the age of 16 Anrike sold every possession she had, in pursuance of discovering the world, being accompanied only by her camera. Ever since then she has lived in many parts of the world - witnessing life at its best and at its worse. Constantly evolving.

She has gained experience at Alexi Lubomiriski’s studio, Milk Studio NY and working for photographer Jacopo Manfren in LA. Meanwhile her storytelling  fashion images have been published in magazines like L’Offciel Ukraine, Fucking Young, Interview de, Factice Magazine amongst many others.

As a passionate advocate for social rights and humanitarian work, early 2017 she volunteered in Lebanon with women and teenage refugees of the Syrian conflict, teaching the young girls about creative expression through photography, creating a collection of images ‘’Unseen: Revealing a Lost Generation’’ that have so far been featured in British Journal of Fashion, estonian national TV Radar and magazine Säde.

Driven by real people and emotions, she mixes reality with fantasy. Creativity  allows her to stand up for other, herself and as well  create realities she dreams of. Strength, vulnerability, imaginative use of lighting and coloring has been some of the common characteristics of her work.

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